Reaction Time

Hey. I’m back.
Did you miss me?
My apologies for making you mourn my death when I wasn’t really deceased.
I don’t really have a reason for not blogging. I could make up an excuse, but we all know that excuses are for losers and/or people with legitimate excuses. But I’m not either.
If I did have an excuse, it would be that I’m lazy. But being Lazy is not and should not be an excuse.
Maybe I am a lazy person who just dislikes sitting at a computer for long amounts of time, waiting for a photo that may or may not load up within the next twenty-four hours.
But then, if I were to wait for a photo to load up, I would have to take the photo in the first place, but I’m too lazy to do so.
This is a vicious cycle.
Aren’t you glad I’m back?
But this post is not about me. It’s about reactions. Because reactions are so darn entertaining.

I do a lot of things just to get a reaction. I say blatant lies and random facts just to see how people will react.
Blatant Lies

  • I hate Christmas.
  • I think Dr. Who is stupid.
  • Orlando Bloom is ugly.
  • Musicals are the distorted realities of maniacs.

Random Facts

  • Aragorn is, like, 88 years old.
  • The voices of Miss Piggy and Yoda are done by the same person.
  • There is only one hole in the ozone layer, and it opens and closes annually.
  • American Buffalo are not extinct. You can eat Buffalo Burgers.

Some of these statements had the reaction of righteous anger. Some enticed crying sessions. Others were met with a blank stare. I was almost murdered with the Dr. Who one.
It is really funny the reaction you get with some statements, but not others. For example:
“Shahrazad, lunch is ready.” (Shahrazad aka sister continues reading.)
“Hey, it’s lunchtime.” (“…..”)
“Hey, I’m dating a pirate.” (“REALLY!? Does he have any friends!?”)

Tell me about your reactions to the statements above, or better yet, tell me about reactions that you’ve gotten with the lies and random facts that you’ve said.
As you can see, getting people to react is quite an entertaining pass time. Though I have to warn you, blatant lies about any fandom can result in death or injury. But try it sometime. It might be funny.


This blog post does not have any pictures because I couldn’t get any photos to load up within the next twenty-four hours. Call me lazy, but is was too much work to figure out. Maybe next time.


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