Retro All Star Converse High Tops Chuck Taylor Classics

The name says it all. These are the most cool shoes in the entire world. I’m writing this post to prove it to you. At the moment, I am saving up money to by myself a pair of Converse xx hi, which means these shoes will go up to my knees. And they will be red. Because red, frankly, is the best color in the world. Mixed with Converse All Stars, (the best shoe in the world), my feet will be sporting pure awesome. As soon as I get the money.

These pictures below are custom made high tops, so that one can prove just how nerdy they are with a pair of shoes.


The Owl City xx Hightops


The Flaming Foxes


The Dr. Who’s


Where The Wild Things Are

2014 custom cartoon converse unique birthday gift or christmas gift hand painting converse shoes-f07146



Adventure Time


Marvel’s Ironman


DC’s Superman


DC’s Flash


DC’s Green Lantern

For some reason most of the superhero shoes are for boys between the ages of 10-13. Like older people and girl can’t like nerdy hero shoes too! Go figure.


[ copy write issues blah blah blah. basically I didn’t take these pictures, and now I’m not responsible if I’m blamed for stealing photos.]


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