So you know all those songs and books that talk about going back to the good old times, when people cared less about money and more about music and love?

Well guess what, hippies, people have always cared about money, and always will. Even flower children need the dough for their pot and guitar strings.

And I am no exception. I once told my sister, while we were shopping at an expensive store, that I planned on marrying a very wealthy man. Like, a really attractive one who plays concert piano and lives in a castle in southern Wales.

suit--tie-video-1360859305-view-1 (Ok, I admit it, this is Justin Timberlake. He does not have a castle, and he does not live in Wales. But he is rich, plays piano, you know.)

While that would be ideal, I think I would half resent my marriage, because deep down I don’t like mooching off of other people, no matter how rich and charming they are.

What I would really like is for a huge briefcase of money to fall mysteriously from an overhead pass, and rather then turn in the windfall to the authorities, I’ll decide to keep it. But instead of waiting to be found by the original owner of the money, and in turn getting in even deeper with the wrong side of the law, I’ll book it out of the country where I’ll live forever drinking coffee in the French countryside.

And maybe I’ll be famous for being famous, and I’ll hang out with all of the richest celebrities, and I’ll let all of the tabloid magazines tell lies about me but they’ll never know about how I bought Wayne manor.


Actually, if I decide to live like this, I’m basically condemning myself to the shallow life of the characters of The Great Gatsby. And that would be horrid.

So maybe I’ll use my money to influence companies like Hershey’s Chocolate to end child slavery, because slaver does still exist, and if somebody with a lot of money decided to take a stand, then maybe the world would be rid of one more atrocity.

That seems like a rather heavy life, especially since I haven’t even graduated from high school yet.

But maybe I don’t need that much money. Maybe just enough to pay for collage. And maybe to get a new wardrobe. And maybe to get all of my siblings exactly what they want for there birthday. And maybe a little more so that I can visit my friends in Idaho and Florida. And maybe that’ll leave just enough to buy myself a car. A really cool car. A freaking awesome car.


That’s all I want.