About Me, About the Blog

I was born a visual person. Everything I think, learn, and remember is in pictures and/or movies. I didn’t even know I was a visual learner until I started reading blogs. I realized that the only time I like a blog or website is when the writer stimulates me with a photo. I expect that I am not the only person in the world who is visual. I’ve decided to give all of those visual people a dream come true. Every day, for an entire year, I will post a picture. These pictures will be totally random shots of my life, nature, and anything else interesting/funny/expectant. You can expect to see many of my family members, as well as expect buildings in my unique town. I also might decide to surprise you with a video, notes, or anything else that is un-expected. Don’t expect orderliness. It just won’t happen. Cheers, one and all. I hope you will glance at my photos every once in a while. But I won’t expect it.


I expect that you would want to know more about me, besides me being a visual person. I happen to be a girl (despite the Sherlock) I happen to own three cameras (all that are at least 5 years old) and I happen to love the word expect (I expect you to have gathered that by now.). Another thing, expect to see many things mis-spelled.


2 thoughts on “About Me, About the Blog

  1. This is awesome and so are you! Looking forward to the random, interesting photos although I will keep my EXPECTations in-check.

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