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I am a visual person. This means my blog is a visual blog. Every day I add a photo from my life, creating a visual roller coaster of meaningless pictures. Turn back, all you readers!

So you know all those songs and books that talk about going back to the good old times, when people cared less about money and more about music and love?

Well guess what, hippies, people have always cared about money, and always will. Even flower children need the dough for their pot and guitar strings.

And I am no exception. I once told my sister, while we were shopping at an expensive store, that I planned on marrying a very wealthy man. Like, a really attractive one who plays concert piano and lives in a castle in southern Wales.

suit--tie-video-1360859305-view-1 (Ok, I admit it, this is Justin Timberlake. He does not have a castle, and he does not live in Wales. But he is rich, plays piano, you know.)

While that would be ideal, I think I would half resent my marriage, because deep down I don’t like mooching off of other people, no matter how rich and charming they are.

What I would really like is for a huge briefcase of money to fall mysteriously from an overhead pass, and rather then turn in the windfall to the authorities, I’ll decide to keep it. But instead of waiting to be found by the original owner of the money, and in turn getting in even deeper with the wrong side of the law, I’ll book it out of the country where I’ll live forever drinking coffee in the French countryside.

And maybe I’ll be famous for being famous, and I’ll hang out with all of the richest celebrities, and I’ll let all of the tabloid magazines tell lies about me but they’ll never know about how I bought Wayne manor.


Actually, if I decide to live like this, I’m basically condemning myself to the shallow life of the characters of The Great Gatsby. And that would be horrid.

So maybe I’ll use my money to influence companies like Hershey’s Chocolate to end child slavery, because slaver does still exist, and if somebody with a lot of money decided to take a stand, then maybe the world would be rid of one more atrocity.

That seems like a rather heavy life, especially since I haven’t even graduated from high school yet.

But maybe I don’t need that much money. Maybe just enough to pay for collage. And maybe to get a new wardrobe. And maybe to get all of my siblings exactly what they want for there birthday. And maybe a little more so that I can visit my friends in Idaho and Florida. And maybe that’ll leave just enough to buy myself a car. A really cool car. A freaking awesome car.


That’s all I want.


Up, up and…hit the Ceiling

This post is about superheroes. I know, it’s a shallow subject. But we’ve got some serious issues with superheroes that need some fixing, or at least clarification. Actually, I’m going to address three superhero problems.

First of all, why can’t DC and Marvel fans coexist?

Comic-Book-Coexist-StickerI’ve had way too many arguments about who’s better and such. Let’s just except that Marvel get’s points for the Avengers, and DC points for Batman. Once, I wore Ironman gloves with my Batman shirt. I was almost murdered by die-hard superhero purists. I love Superman, Spider-man’s costume is a disgrace to Marvel, and Loki is the bomb. What I don’t understand is how Wonder Woman and Spider-man lived in Brooklyn at the same time without having an all-out battle to defend the pride of their Marvel/DC labels.

Marvel is more lighthearted, yet has more sex.

DC is a lot darker, and more violent.

Superheroes rock. Who cares who made them.


Second Superhero issue. The Costumes.

2019392-thor___1st_app_kirby_02_color Note the wings and low-cut sleeve.

1215864-christreevesup6 Underwear on the outside. Yeah.

avengers_hawkeye_by_sean_izaakse-d4slzug He’s purple.

Batman Again with the underwear. And he’s got bat ears.

spider-man-above-the-city-crawling-on-web Do I have to say anything?

774675-robin_2_color His costume is so bad that my computer revolted against the previous two images I found.

I would have done some pics. of the female superheroes, but that was a bit R-rated. Just, She-Hulk and Powergirl. (cringe)


Third superhero issue. Superhero comics/movies are probably the most sexist thing out there.

Think about it. In Marvel’s recent Avengers movie, there were six Avengers. Only one of them is a woman. And of the six of them, four have at least one movie. Of course Black Widow does not have one of those movies.

DC is coming out with a new movie, to follow Batman Begins, the Dark Knight, the Dark Knight Rises, and Man of Steel. It’s called Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

batman_v_superman_dawn_of_justice___trinity_poster_by_lamboman7-d7sesunExcuse me, but where’s Wonder Woman at? I mean, sure, she’s on the cover of the movie, but she hasn’t even been introduced yet with her own movie. And when she finally is introduced, it’s not in Wonder Woman. It’s in Batman V Superman. This is just plain insulting. Especially since Wonder Woman can and has kicked Batman’s butt, as well as hold her own against Superman.

Another thing; the names of the female superheroes.

Supergirl (instead of woman)

Batgirl (instead of woman)

Invisible Girl (who is a woman)

Ms. Marvel. Yuck. Captain is a great improvement.

Why can’t Supergirl and Batgirl be their own superheroes?

Oh, and get this, Supergirl and Batgirl are showing up as misspelled words right now, but not Superman and Batman. They’re real words.

My little sister, who is 5, wanted me to print off a picture of a girl superhero, because her two older brothers had drawings of Thor and Captain America. I said sure, but then I had to promptly send her out of the room, because I didn’t want her seeing 90% of the pictures that were showing up on the screen.

But then I found something awesome:

superhero_hijab_05 6169a863fdd91d7297f99a8107104281 a8xqdttcjxjlschrwb3mQuicksilverbby4vdj4idalzhjhlm2xrxmcurdabjiiy99zy6uk

Superhero women with hajibs=awesome.

And this:

(compare the drawings with the real thing)



There are cool people out there doing cool drawings that are helping fight sexism in superheroes. It’s awesome.

Anyway, to top off this rant about the flaws of superheroes, I give you Avengers: Age of Ultron

(I do not own or claim to own any titles, pic., or drawings. copyright such and such)

Retro All Star Converse High Tops Chuck Taylor Classics

The name says it all. These are the most cool shoes in the entire world. I’m writing this post to prove it to you. At the moment, I am saving up money to by myself a pair of Converse xx hi, which means these shoes will go up to my knees. And they will be red. Because red, frankly, is the best color in the world. Mixed with Converse All Stars, (the best shoe in the world), my feet will be sporting pure awesome. As soon as I get the money.

These pictures below are custom made high tops, so that one can prove just how nerdy they are with a pair of shoes.


The Owl City xx Hightops


The Flaming Foxes


The Dr. Who’s


Where The Wild Things Are

2014 custom cartoon converse unique birthday gift or christmas gift hand painting converse shoes-f07146



Adventure Time


Marvel’s Ironman


DC’s Superman


DC’s Flash


DC’s Green Lantern

For some reason most of the superhero shoes are for boys between the ages of 10-13. Like older people and girl can’t like nerdy hero shoes too! Go figure.


[ copy write issues blah blah blah. basically I didn’t take these pictures, and now I’m not responsible if I’m blamed for stealing photos.]

Reaction Time

Hey. I’m back.
Did you miss me?
My apologies for making you mourn my death when I wasn’t really deceased.
I don’t really have a reason for not blogging. I could make up an excuse, but we all know that excuses are for losers and/or people with legitimate excuses. But I’m not either.
If I did have an excuse, it would be that I’m lazy. But being Lazy is not and should not be an excuse.
Maybe I am a lazy person who just dislikes sitting at a computer for long amounts of time, waiting for a photo that may or may not load up within the next twenty-four hours.
But then, if I were to wait for a photo to load up, I would have to take the photo in the first place, but I’m too lazy to do so.
This is a vicious cycle.
Aren’t you glad I’m back?
But this post is not about me. It’s about reactions. Because reactions are so darn entertaining.

I do a lot of things just to get a reaction. I say blatant lies and random facts just to see how people will react.
Blatant Lies

  • I hate Christmas.
  • I think Dr. Who is stupid.
  • Orlando Bloom is ugly.
  • Musicals are the distorted realities of maniacs.

Random Facts

  • Aragorn is, like, 88 years old.
  • The voices of Miss Piggy and Yoda are done by the same person.
  • There is only one hole in the ozone layer, and it opens and closes annually.
  • American Buffalo are not extinct. You can eat Buffalo Burgers.

Some of these statements had the reaction of righteous anger. Some enticed crying sessions. Others were met with a blank stare. I was almost murdered with the Dr. Who one.
It is really funny the reaction you get with some statements, but not others. For example:
“Shahrazad, lunch is ready.” (Shahrazad aka sister continues reading.)
“Hey, it’s lunchtime.” (“…..”)
“Hey, I’m dating a pirate.” (“REALLY!? Does he have any friends!?”)

Tell me about your reactions to the statements above, or better yet, tell me about reactions that you’ve gotten with the lies and random facts that you’ve said.
As you can see, getting people to react is quite an entertaining pass time. Though I have to warn you, blatant lies about any fandom can result in death or injury. But try it sometime. It might be funny.


This blog post does not have any pictures because I couldn’t get any photos to load up within the next twenty-four hours. Call me lazy, but is was too much work to figure out. Maybe next time.