Up, up and…hit the Ceiling

This post is about superheroes. I know, it’s a shallow subject. But we’ve got some serious issues with superheroes that need some fixing, or at least clarification. Actually, I’m going to address three superhero problems.

First of all, why can’t DC and Marvel fans coexist?

Comic-Book-Coexist-StickerI’ve had way too many arguments about who’s better and such. Let’s just except that Marvel get’s points for the Avengers, and DC points for Batman. Once, I wore Ironman gloves with my Batman shirt. I was almost murdered by die-hard superhero purists. I love Superman, Spider-man’s costume is a disgrace to Marvel, and Loki is the bomb. What I don’t understand is how Wonder Woman and Spider-man lived in Brooklyn at the same time without having an all-out battle to defend the pride of their Marvel/DC labels.

Marvel is more lighthearted, yet has more sex.

DC is a lot darker, and more violent.

Superheroes rock. Who cares who made them.


Second Superhero issue. The Costumes.

2019392-thor___1st_app_kirby_02_color Note the wings and low-cut sleeve.

1215864-christreevesup6 Underwear on the outside. Yeah.

avengers_hawkeye_by_sean_izaakse-d4slzug He’s purple.

Batman Again with the underwear. And he’s got bat ears.

spider-man-above-the-city-crawling-on-web Do I have to say anything?

774675-robin_2_color His costume is so bad that my computer revolted against the previous two images I found.

I would have done some pics. of the female superheroes, but that was a bit R-rated. Just, She-Hulk and Powergirl. (cringe)


Third superhero issue. Superhero comics/movies are probably the most sexist thing out there.

Think about it. In Marvel’s recent Avengers movie, there were six Avengers. Only one of them is a woman. And of the six of them, four have at least one movie. Of course Black Widow does not have one of those movies.

DC is coming out with a new movie, to follow Batman Begins, the Dark Knight, the Dark Knight Rises, and Man of Steel. It’s called Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

batman_v_superman_dawn_of_justice___trinity_poster_by_lamboman7-d7sesunExcuse me, but where’s Wonder Woman at? I mean, sure, she’s on the cover of the movie, but she hasn’t even been introduced yet with her own movie. And when she finally is introduced, it’s not in Wonder Woman. It’s in Batman V Superman. This is just plain insulting. Especially since Wonder Woman can and has kicked Batman’s butt, as well as hold her own against Superman.

Another thing; the names of the female superheroes.

Supergirl (instead of woman)

Batgirl (instead of woman)

Invisible Girl (who is a woman)

Ms. Marvel. Yuck. Captain is a great improvement.

Why can’t Supergirl and Batgirl be their own superheroes?

Oh, and get this, Supergirl and Batgirl are showing up as misspelled words right now, but not Superman and Batman. They’re real words.

My little sister, who is 5, wanted me to print off a picture of a girl superhero, because her two older brothers had drawings of Thor and Captain America. I said sure, but then I had to promptly send her out of the room, because I didn’t want her seeing 90% of the pictures that were showing up on the screen.

But then I found something awesome:

superhero_hijab_05 6169a863fdd91d7297f99a8107104281 a8xqdttcjxjlschrwb3mQuicksilverbby4vdj4idalzhjhlm2xrxmcurdabjiiy99zy6uk

Superhero women with hajibs=awesome.

And this:

(compare the drawings with the real thing)



There are cool people out there doing cool drawings that are helping fight sexism in superheroes. It’s awesome.

Anyway, to top off this rant about the flaws of superheroes, I give you Avengers: Age of Ultron

(I do not own or claim to own any titles, pic., or drawings. copyright such and such)